Reasons Your Home May Not Be Selling

It is an unfortunate fact in real estate: sometimes the selling process can take longer than anticipated, even when a REALTOR® has seemingly determined the perfect price for your place.

 1.)  Market conditions

 It is easy to fall for the hype and the stories of people selling their home in 24 hours—who doesn’t want that? But the reality is, market conditions in your area affects how long it will take your home to sell. Sometimes a home can be sitting and it will have nothing to do with the actual home but a reflection on the market. A good idea is to communicate with your REALTOR® and be responsive to suggestions they may home. Real estate markets can change quickly so you need to be on top of the current market conditions 

 2.)  Location

The same way market conditions can affect your home’s ability to sell, the location can affect your home’s ability to sell. If you are selling in an area that only appeals to a specific type of buyer, you may find the property taking a bit longer to sell due to a smaller group of potential buyers. An example of this might be an age restricted condo or a home near a school. Some of those features are fabulous to some buyers, but not all buyers will appreciate those features 

3.)  You have not addressed some major issues

Home maintenance is critical for a homeowner. When it comes time to sell, a poorly maintained home can turn off a large number of buyers. A smaller number of buyers makes your home that much harder to sell.  Not only that but if a home has not been well cared for buyers sometimes assume that the home will need major repairs. Don’t put off maintenance items as they can cost you more in the long run.

  4.)   A lack of staging or curb appeal

Your REALTOR® may recommend staging your home to make it more appealing to potential buyers. First impressions matter and you want your home to show well so any potential buyers can envision themselves living there. A lit work before listing can go a long way. Staging can help a home feel more welcoming and comfortable as well as showcase any features that are desirable. 

5.) Your home is unique—possibly too unique

 The uniqueness of your home might be why you bought it in the first place, but it could also be why you have not seen much action on it since the listing went up. Maybe it is a converted century building with unconventional rooms, maybe it’s a personalized layout you drew up yourself but isn’t exactly standard for most homes, or maybe the yard has unusual features. Whatever the case may be, a unique home will take longer to sell. Sometimes you just need to be patient for the right buyer to come along.

 Whatever the case is, sometimes selling a home can be frustrating the key is to listen to the advice your REALTOR® offers and try to be patient. Not every home will sell quickly, but if you listen to your agent’s advice it will sell. 

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