Here’s What You Need to Know if You’re Thinking About Painting Your Walls This Spring

Spring is a great time to refresh your space and tackle home improvement projects, and that includes painting your walls.But if you want your final paint job to look professional, there are a few things you need to know.A recent article from outlined key tips for homeowners that are planning on painting their own walls, including:
  • Choose the right paint for the right room. Not all paints are created equal. When choosing your paint, it’s important to consider the room you’re going to be using it in, and choose the paint type that will work best for that room. For example, if you’re painting a bathroom, you might want to consider moisture-resistant paint. Or if you’re painting a high-traffic area, make sure to go with a durable paint.
  • Paint a swatch on your wall. When it comes to paint, color isn’t a straightforward thing; depending on the undertones, a paint that looks beige in the store could look pink on your walls. Before you commit to a color, paint a swatch in the room you’re planning to paint. That way, you can see how the color looks with the room’s lighting and make sure it’s the color that you want.
  • Let paint dry between coats. You might be ready to wrap up your paint job after the first coat, but fight the urge to rush through the second coat. It’s important to let the first coat dry completely before moving on to the next coat; otherwise, you could find yourself dealing with issues when the paint fully dries — like wrinkling or bubbling.