Make Your Powder Room Pop With These Decor Trends

Sometimes, redecorating the smallest room can have the biggest impact on the look and feel of your home—and that includes the powder room.So the question is, how can you redecorate your powder room to make it feel timely, on-trend, and to really make the space pop?A recent article from outlined some of the hottest decor trends for powder rooms, including:
  • Geometric mirrors. If you want to make a bold statement in your powder room, try adding a geometric mirror. Going with unexpected shapes (like diamonds) will add visual interest and act as a focal point for the room—which is especially important in smaller spaces.
  • Penny tile. Going for more of a vintage look? Try tiling your floors with penny tile. The smaller size of the individual tile makes it the perfect choice for a small space, like a powder room. Make the look your own by arranging the tiles to create a unique pattern on the floor.
  • Block print wallpaper. Block print wallpaper strikes the perfect balance for a powder room; the pattern adds visual interest and makes the room feel polished—but it’s not too busy, which can feel visually overwhelming in a small space.
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